Khalid Harun, Founder, Web Architect and Back-end Developer

Khalid Harun (B.S./M.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University and B.S. in Biomedical Engineering) has 5 years of experience in research and development of Iris and Facing Matching technologies at CyLab Biometric Center in Carnegie Mellon University. He also has a passion for community development and has trained under the same person who trained and hired Barack Obama as a community organizer. He currently serves on the board of a large non-profit in Pittsburgh and consults for a number of other community organizations in the city to help them effectively pursue their passions. In his free time, he plays the guitar, enjoys tennis and loves to pretend that he can still speak French.

Skills: Rails, Django, C++, MongoDB, MySQL


Sarah Aboutalib, UX Designer and Data Engineer 

Sarah Aboutalib (Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University and B.S. in Cognitive Science from UCSD) has experience and interest in Artificial Intelligence, Human-Computer Interaction, Machine Learning and Cognitive Science research problems. More specifically, her research aimed to solve problems pertaining to Computer Vision, Object Recognition and Human-Computer Interaction. He has always been looking to use her experience to get into work that can have a real impact in helping people’s lives.

Skills: Machine Learning, Graphic Design, CSS, HTML5


Ahmed Abdalla, Mobile Developer

Ahmed Abdalla (B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Penn State) is passionate about computer science and software development and currently emmersed in the world of Android and Web development.  His academic interests include Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Image/Signal Processing, and Probability & Statistics.  He has always had an interest in entrepreneurship and global economics and aspires to build a company that impacts human society in a positive manner. On his free time, he enjoys playing soccer, weightlifting, running, swimming, basketball in that order.

Skills:  Android OS, Python